Dillon Grimes

For Shorewood Village Trustee


Please take a quick glance at my approach to village governance.
If you would like to hear more, please contact me, I would love to discuss my candidacy with you.

Resident-Focused Approach

As village trustee, my focus will be to represent residents' interests and to make sure that their concerns are heard and acknowledged.

Resident-Focused Finances

To keep our community affordable, I will look critically at village expenditures to ensure that public funds are spent wisely. The village is here to serve its residents, not the interests of big business.

Resident-Focused Development

I will work to ensure that all future development in the village fits our values and fits our village. We have recently invested heavily in commercial development, so now it's time to focus on serving residents.

Resident-Focused Solutions

I am a problem-solver. By listening carefully to residents' concerns, and by working effectively with village staff and fellow board members, if I am elected, I intend to implement creative, thoughful solutions as a village trustee.

About Dillon

Dillon Grimes with his family

I am running for village trustee because I truly care about Shorewood and what it represents: we are a community where people of all ages, ethnicities, beliefs and cultures live together and contribute to our village. Shorewood is a great community, full of vibrant people and smart ideas, but these people and their ideas haven't always been heard by the village. I will advocate for residents' concerns and champion our Shorewood sense of community.

Shorewood = Home
Shorewood has a cozy feeling of home: the friendly conversations with neighbors, the inevitability of seeing a friend at the store, the close-knit schools, and our quiet, safe neighborhoods. I want to bring that same quality of inclusiveness and friendliness to village government.

Why Shorewood?
During graduate school, my wife, Suzanna, and I rented an apartment on Oakland in Shorewood, and we connected with the community. Our rent was raised significantly so we moved, first to the east side- completely losing our sense of community - and later to Racine, which never felt like home. Once it was time for our daughter Octavia to start school, we knew we wanted to return to Shorewood and to the Shorewood School District. We bought a house in 2006; we made it back home.

Shorewood Schools
Suzanna, and I have two daughters. Piper is a fifth grader at Lake Bluff, and Octavia is a freshman at Shorewood High School. We believe in public education, and we know that a strong school system is the bedrock of our community.

Shorewood Men's Club
I am proud to have served the SMC as an active member, a fundraising coordinator, and a board member for five years, including roles as vice president and president. My time with the Men's Club has certainly increased my involvement in Shorewood, and it has encouraged me to serve the village further by running for village trustee.

Education and Work
I earned a BFA from Northern Michigan University and an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Over the past 15 years, I have grown with a small Wisconsin company, where I lead a group of software engineers, IT staff, translators, and an international sales team, helping to navigate our buisness away from catalog and phone sales and into a global e-commerce business, while maintaining Wisconsin values. Being a manager at a small company, I recognize the benefits and pitfalls of a small organization and this experience will help me to be a productive and effective member of the village government.

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Public Forums

Here are opportunities where you can hear Dillon and the other candidates discuss their views

Senior Resource Center

February 8th, 2016
11:30am - 12:15pm
Lower level of Village Library

Shorewood Men's Club

March 2nd, 2016
7pm - 8pm
Hubbard Park Lodge


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